Today I woke up to a wonderful surprise! My menstrual period had sneaked up on me while I slept. It is a wonderful surprise becase two years ago my menstrual cycle was a different story. My Period was by no means a surprise. The week preceeding it would be characterised by tummy blotting, pain, painful breast sensitivity and mood swings making it a very unpleasant time for me and those around me. Someone introduced me to the lovemoon anion pads. After 3 months of using the pads and pantiliners, the blotting and pain was reduced and and i greatly cut down on painkillers. For these first months I was advised to wear the pantiliners daily and change them twice a day at least. After 6 months, I had no more need for painkillers, my flow was normal. Its a lifesaver and I feel totally liberated. My period just comes and I really enjoy having it with no limitation on my life, choice of clothing and activity,and I am as nice and pleasant as I am all month! I highly recommend it for every woman