Did you know that…

1. Most sanitary napkins are made from bleached and recycled papers?

2. Most sanitary napkins may cause rashes, inflamamation and even Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

3. Most women are prone to bacterial/vaginal infections during their menstrual period?

4. During menstrual period, the skin in pubes may be easily hurt, genital system is also weak to resist substances from external environment, it is best for your care to carefully protect pubes. Therefore, selecting a suitable napkin not only assists to maintain health but also set up self-confidence and self-respect.
5. There is an alternative and safe solution now available to women called the lovemoon anion sanitary napkin.

Angels secret anion sanitary napkin (pad) is made to give you a trully happy period

Advantages of the Anion Sanitary Napkin

1. Dry, air permeable, comfortable
Angels secret anion sanitary napkin has three main components:

i. The surface layer:
The surface layer of angels secret anion Sanitary Napkin is made of thin silk and soft cotton materials to keep the delicate skin dry and comfortable.

ii. The absorbent layer:
The middle layer of angels secret anion sanitary napkin contains highly effective super strong absorbent agents that can turn the
liquid discharge into a jelly-like state to eliminate  the sticky feeling.

iii. The base layer:
The base layer of angels secret anion sanitary napkin is made of air permeable materials that allow diffusion of water molecules in the gaseous state to rapidly drive away moist air, thus effectively reducing moisture and heat between the napkin and the skin to maintain a dry and comfortable feeling.

2. Anti-bacterial and deodorization functions through purely physical processes
The padding in each angels secret anion sanitary napkin is embedded with an Anion Chip that can release high density anion (Negative Ion) to help regulate body functions,such as antibacterial capabilities, deodorization, through purely physical processes. There is no side effect.

3. Use of highly effective and super strong absorption agents to meet physical needs
Angels secret anion sanitary napkin has an absorbent layer. This is made of highly effective and super strong absorption agents
as well as leak-proof materials through a special high-tech process. When the liquid discharge comes into contact with the layer, it is absorbed such that there is no back flow or leakage. This will ensure a comfortable feeling and convenience in movement.

4. Compliance with national hygiene standards and prevention of infection
(Keeping dry, air permeability and cleanliness¹ are three main principles of genital care.
Production of healthcare sanitary products must strictly comply with the GB15979-2002 hygiene standard.

The main assurance measures taken include:

(1) strict control over the hygiene standard of the raw materials for sanitary napkin.

(2) using enclosed production plant of international advanced standard for fully automated sequential production with fully automated packaging.

(3) Using advanced easy-to-open air-tight adhesive packaging to ensure the product is free from bacterial or fungal infection.

Eight unique features of Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkins

 ” This product is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment that can be provided by your physician or therapist or any other health care professional. Please contact your medical professional if you have questions about your medical health”



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