My name is Dr. Mollynn G Mugisha-Otim. I am a medical doctor, an early years pedagogic specialist, a speaker and an author.  I strongly believe in living a fulfilled life. It is vital to have great health, the financial and time freedom to live the lifestyle you choose. Taking care of your health today is an investment for tomorrow and saves you from a future interrupted by medical inconveniences.

Our vision Children growing up among cultures- Third Culture Kids (TCKs)

Global mobility has resulted in children growing up among cultures different from their parents. Although these multicultural children can be a great resource in global peace and development, they are also at risk of identity crisis which can impact their confidence to live a fulfilled life.  My desire is to help these children earlier in their formative years, (and parents raising them), to find their identity, know their strength and prepare to make a big contribution to their host and home culture.

I love sharing my ideas and experiences with people so that they can achieve the lifestyle their hearts desire. I hope visiting our site will be a great experience for you!

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About Us

At Mollynn cares we strive to make good health and wealth a reality. We continuosly search for the best in the market and share it with you

Through our personalised and tailored information, and advice on wellness, we help you make good and realistic choices about habits, supplements

We give you a wide range of business opportunities to choose from depending on your abilities and interests. We have great products and the time is right. Combined with our trainings and proven support system, you are sure to achieve your wildest dreams with us

All our employees and partners are warm, welcoming with a holistic approach to your care; because all aspects of your life matter to make you a truly healthy and happy person.

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“Profits are better than wages. Wages make you a living; profits make you a fortune. We all know a variety of ways to make a living. What’s even more fascinating is figuring out ways to make a fortune.– Quote by Jim Rohn, America’s Foremost Business Philosopher, reprinted with permission from Jim Rohn International ©2011.

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